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ID 634492

Weiss Shmuel

Founder and CEO 15 years of experience in leading SW teams to excellence. Sustaining and supporting Tier-1 customers.

ID 669700

Yasha Liebes

Student at Open University near graduation. Strong at Java and C developing. Background in Mathematics.

ID 47458

Elana Heideman, PhD

CEO of innovative programming philanthropy for experiential learning. PhD in Holocaust Studies, Phenomenology and Memory with Elie Wiesel. Independent lecturer.

ID 513950

Elad Eban

PhD student at the Hebrew University. Machine Learning Expert. Independent consultant. Worked at IBM.

ID 93900

Keith Hayon

ideas are not complicated and neither is my mission. original film and music plan completed before the end of this year. high potential & interesting content

ID 20841

Daniel Byalsky

Multipurpose superhero, developer, evangelist, startuper, geek and musician. Travel, code and rock'n'roll.

ID 377047

Avraham Karp

11 Years in Development. PHP LAMP Environment. I am not a typical developer as I am experienced in many different areas of technology, always learning.

ID 818889

Mike Zak

Software Developer and Team Leader; Worked in Trusteer(IBM), Israel Government and IDF.

ID 321821

Yaakov Belch

Algorithm development and implementation for scientific research and start-ups.

ID 826407

Etti Amon

I Like challenges, hard work, self-studying, And cracking things.

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