Jerusalem Startups List

Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Jerusalem.

Meet 68 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in Jerusalem

ID 200792

Nissan Yaron

Founder and CEO of @inpris, founder and past chairmen of @the-jerusalem-art-students-association former head of section and team leader at @idf Intelligence.

ID 72365

Roman (Rafael) Gold

Editor-in-Chief @ "IT Business Week (International Edition)", Co-Founder & CIO @ "Jerusalem Startup Hub", Founder & CEO @ "@jewishnet-jewish-social-platform"

ID 490812

Itai Rabinowitz

VP Product @amitree, formerly Creative Director, @dapper (acquired by @yahoo)

ID 293006

Saul Lieberman

Startup Consigliere. Big Picture Legal Advice. Fast Execution.

ID 413898

Alona Lerman

MBA | Deliver and execute creative, user-focused strategic marketing solutions for start-up and medium sized businesses

ID 14604

Ben Wiener


Managing Partner at @jumpspeed-ventures User#1 and Founder @everminder, 

ID 226045

Jon Medved


CEO/Founder of OurCrowd, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, avid angel investor, promoter of Startup Nation-Have invested in over 100 startups.

ID 94453

Gideon Shaw


at JVP

ID 486364

guy gordon

Multiple award-winning strategist

ID 725169

Shadi Margieh

Founder AIM • Studied at @friedrich-alexander-universitat-erlangen-nurnberg

ID 93988

Felix Schenavsky


Associate at GreenSoil Investments

ID 792904

Jafar Sabbah

ID 48525

Josh (Tzvika) Avnery

✔Co-Founder of WiseStamp ✔Web Entrepreneur ✔Marketer ✔Social Thinker

ID 23792

Gab Goldenberg

Internet marketer passionate about the Jewish people. Wrote the first advanced SEO book, have spoken in 3 countries. Learning to code php, CSS.

ID 13650

Alan J Greenspan

Starting an Algae NPO and business, living in Jerusalem, Israel. Worked for @rebatefirm, Leviathan Energy.

ID 230602

Ron Sela

Online Influence Optimization for Startups, former corporate lawyer, early adopter, University of Florida MBA 2002.

ID 87534

Michael Phillips Moskowitz

Former senior designer at IDEO. Previously editorial director of Thrillist SF. Co-founder Gytha Mander: acquired in 2006. Masters from the LSE.

ID 36826

Zack Miller


General Partner, OurCrowd. Investor, advisor, and author of Tradestream. Intersection between finance and web 2.0

ID 5964

Ami Shpiro


Founder Innovation Warehouse, Clicksoftware. Angel, entrepreneur, experiential mentor, software developer.

ID 122917

Tuvia Elbaum

Founder @umoove Founder @ Textaway

ID 795312

Shniur Kiesel

ID 97088

Ari Roisman

Co-Founder & CEO of Glide. 4 profitable startups. B.S. & M.S. WashU.

ID 188493

David Sigal

Founder of ProductWise Smart product discovery startup. Passionate about technology and making our world better. Co-founder of appSTUDIO and Agadeta

ID 419606

Frederic Eger

Studied at the University Paris I Sorbonne and UCLA School of Theater, Film and TV

ID 854883

Ophir Chernin

I’m a new technology development expert with with proven industry experience built on a solid background in Mechanical Engineering (BS, MSc) and Physics (BA). 

ID 652498

Yehoshua Fried

Founder @modli • Studied at @hebrew-university-of-jerusalem

ID 282102

Maxx Blank

Co-Founder @bizrael-org I have a network across dozens of college campuses and I have expertise in how to successfully run campus marketing campaigns.

ID 522569

Josh Portman

Partner and founder of private boutique real estate and business law firm

ID 316380

Noam Simckes

Co founded 3 eye catching startups, developed a crowd funding platform now managing it. sold a 100k a year business management service for a leader in the industry

ID 553580

Josh Ben-David

Co-Founder IncSync • Co-CEO illuminea Web Development Agency • Strong background in business development and operations • Strategic partnership specialist

ID 513950

Elad Eban

PhD student at the Hebrew University. Machine Learning Expert. Independent consultant. Worked at IBM.

ID 587858

Amir Shapiro

Founder Babid LTD Manager of E-commerce Websites B.Sc Industrial engineering at University of Beer Sheva Reserve officer in the IDF Armored force

ID 755112

Tamar Ottolenghi

Enthusiastic and fast learner student, looking for a new challenge to accomplish

ID 96390

Eli Clevs

Creative Intellectual Design

ID 631515

Daniel Mishkin

International Sales Director at publishing house

ID 7129

Business Leads

ID 764417

Beny Haddad

Technology leader and team enabler with global experience, I have been in several key Architectural, Managerial, and CTO positions.

ID 668673

Arnold Nesis

Founder & CEO of Capricia Productions, Composer for video games. worked with companies such as, “1C Games”, “Best Way”, “Grinding Gear Games” and others.

ID 403895


successful project coordination in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine

ID 321821

Yaakov Belch

Algorithm development and implementation for scientific research and start-ups.

ID 640859

Yelena Shnaider

ID 298054

Roy Munin

Founder Videeback • Community Manager at @made-in-jlm

ID 634492

Weiss Shmuel

Founder and CEO 15 years of experience in leading SW teams to excellence. Sustaining and supporting Tier-1 customers.

ID 659176

Michelle Nadboy

Sustainability Professional, worked for 3 energy efficiency companies

ID 167217

Scott Silverstone

Where law, business and technology intersect.

ID 20841

Daniel Byalsky

Multipurpose superhero, developer, evangelist, startuper, geek and musician. Travel, code and rock'n'roll.

ID 712825

Gidon Pico

ID 93900

Keith Hayon

ideas are not complicated and neither is my mission. original film and music plan completed before the end of this year. high potential & interesting content

ID 285922

Eric David Benari

IT business expert + master-technologist who has founded/built a portfolio of ventures; invited to speak at conferences/universities, writer for, etc

ID 737370

Chen Vasser

ID 831032

sinai beck

sales and business development at bsd insurance broker

ID 132900

Levy Raiz


Business development at ARMiS, entrepreneur. Master's in Business. Israeli Government Fellow. Worked at Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry, IDF

ID 94884

Maor Chasen

ID 111662

Guyoz Golan

Interested in the future of consumer web & startup tools. Co-Founder of Payyers (p.@alpha-2) Gonna crush it .

ID 206479

Oriel Deri

Management staff Thai workers for 2 years in the fields, invented automatic garbage can, and some more interesting things that the man kind still not lazy enough to buy.

ID 669700

Yasha Liebes

Student at Open University near graduation. Strong at Java and C developing. Background in Mathematics.

ID 270547

Ariela Ross

Seasoned startup evangelist. Strengths include consumer relations, community growth, campaign strategy, content development and social media savvy.

ID 216641

Omer Bar

ID 382190

Frederic Eger

CEO/Founder of Think Medias, 1st advertising agency servicing small businesses; background Law University Sorbonne, Film & TV Production UCLA and MATI Israel.

ID 826407

Etti Amon

I Like challenges, hard work, self-studying, And cracking things.

ID 698209

Shai Amoyal

Producer at Capricia Productions

ID 779485

Moran Horovitz

Student for computers science at Hebrew U, hava a lot of experience with art and design. Worked as a UI\UX lead designer and programmer at DBS-H.

ID 377047

Avraham Karp

11 Years in Development. PHP LAMP Environment. I am not a typical developer as I am experienced in many different areas of technology, always learning.

ID 841600

Ammoun Dissi

ID 818889

Mike Zak

Software Developer and Team Leader; Worked in Trusteer(IBM), Israel Government and IDF.

ID 47458

Elana Heideman, PhD

CEO of innovative programming philanthropy for experiential learning. PhD in Holocaust Studies, Phenomenology and Memory with Elie Wiesel. Independent lecturer.

ID 757586

Lizzi Jones Serling

Director of Special Projects @ Project Beyond. 15 years in musical theatre in SF, previously AEA/SAG. Quit and moved to Israel. Vocal coach/Freelance painter.

ID 715698

Elad Schneider

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