Jerusalem Startups List

Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Jerusalem.

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ID 13650

Alan J Greenspan

Starting an Algae NPO and business, living in Jerusalem, Israel. Worked for @rebatefirm, Leviathan Energy.

ID 316380

Noam Simckes

Co founded 3 eye catching startups, developed a crowd funding platform now managing it. sold a 100k a year business management service for a leader in the industry

ID 831032

sinai beck

sales and business development at bsd insurance broker

ID 486364

guy gordon

Multiple award-winning strategist

ID 270547

Ariela Ross

Seasoned startup evangelist. Strengths include consumer relations, community growth, campaign strategy, content development and social media savvy.

ID 23792

Gab Goldenberg

Internet marketer passionate about the Jewish people. Wrote the first advanced SEO book, have spoken in 3 countries. Learning to code php, CSS.

ID 293006

Saul Lieberman

Startup Consigliere. Big Picture Legal Advice. Fast Execution.

ID 755112

Tamar Ottolenghi

Enthusiastic and fast learner student, looking for a new challenge to accomplish

ID 413898

Alona Lerman

MBA | Deliver and execute creative, user-focused strategic marketing solutions for start-up and medium sized businesses

ID 587858

Amir Shapiro

Founder Babid LTD Manager of E-commerce Websites B.Sc Industrial engineering at University of Beer Sheva Reserve officer in the IDF Armored force

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